Monday, 26 October 2009

REVIEW: Ben & Jerry's Vanilla Toffee Crunch Ice Cream

Ben & Jerry's make my favourite ice creams, but it is usually quite expensive. ASDA had the tubs on offer at 2 for £5 so I treated myself to this Vanilla Toffee Crunch and the amazing Half Baked (which I ate too quickly to review!).

Vanilla Toffee Crunch was one of the B&J flavours available at the moment that I hadn't tried before. The blurb of "Vanilla Ice Cream with Chocolatey-Covered Toffee Crunch" made it sound a bit boring compared to the usual mish-mash of ingredients. What ingredients they do use are Fair Trade.

The vanilla ice cream is fantastic, rich and creamy, and leaves your mouth feeling clean and refreshed after swallowing. The toffee crunch pieces are large (some up to an inch square) chunks of Dime or Heath bar. Some are solid slabs while others are small pieces clustered together. They are very hard and sticky, and I was worried about losing fillings while chewing them. The dark 'chocolatey' (by that term I assume that it was mockolate) covering had a waxy feel on the tongue and a lingering, burnt bitterness that I found unpleasant. Looking on the list of ingredients I see that coffee is listed, which could account for this. The toffee crunch pieces were layered in the top half of the tub, with the bottom 3 inches being plain vanilla with the occasional crumb, but perhaps I just got an unmixed batch.

You can probably tell that I wasn't a fan of this ice cream. The vanilla ice cream itself was very, very good, but the bitter flavour of the toffee crunch pieces made me want to quickly cleanse my palate with more vanilla ice cream after each piece. With this being quite a plain Ben & Jerry's ice cream the ingredients needed to be outstanding, sadly they only got the vanilla right.

I won't be buying this particular flavour again, but I will be looking to try another Ben & Jerry's ice cream with this lovely vanilla base.

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